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A 5-sphere Model designed for the Professional Development of Enterprise Leaders
Leadership - Strategy - Innovation - Entrepreneurship - Technology


Effective leadership resides at the core of every successful organization. Our Leadership curriculum focuses on developing effective enterprise leaders to prepare organizations to navigate through change.


Strategy is critical to the performance of all organizations as it aligns all of the resources and activities toward achieving the mission and purpose. Our strategic management curriculum provides enterprise leaders the knowledge on formulating strategies to create value for their stakeholders.


Innovation is essentially strategic as it is forward-thinking. The generation of new and creative ideas for new products, services, processes and business models is a requirement for increasing the value an organization delivers to its stakeholders. Our Innovation curriculum provides a systematic approach to transforming ideas into results.


Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of the free enterprise system. Entrepreneurs create new and emerging businesses that produce the majority of new jobs. Entrepreneurs identify opportunities in the midst of change and obtain and coordinate resources to exploit these opportunities.


Technology has transformed from an operational tool to a strategic weapon. Our Technology curriculum educates enterprise leaders how to drive strategic initiatives in a digital world. Enterprise leaders will learn how to integrate enterprise and IT strategies.

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